Protect Your Smile And Health With Oral Cancer Screenings In Farmington Hills, MI

No one wants to hear the dreaded word “cancer” from any doctor. However, if cancer is caught early enough, the better the prognosis and treatment outcome.

When you have a dental appointment in Farmington Hills, you can have an oral cancer screening along with your other care. This allows the dentist to look for cancerous or precancerous conditions in your mouth and have treatment start quickly if there’s a threat.

Oral cancer screenings are recommended for people with specific risk factors. These include tobacco use, heavy alcohol use, a history of significant sun exposure, or a previous diagnosis of oral cancer. Those with HPV and those over 55 are also at a higher risk.

The good news is that these screenings are quick and painless. In fact, a comprehensive oral cancer exam takes less than two minutes.

If you have dentures or other removable dental devices, you’ll take them out first. Then, the dentist will look for patches of color, bumps, swelling, or other abnormalities. They’ll look at your face, neck, jaw, lips, cheeks, and inside your nose and mouth. Your dentist will also use their hands to feel for lumps or abnormal tissue.

Your dentist may also use special tools for your screening, including a brush to remove cells for testing, a fluorescent light, or a mouth rinse that makes your tissues easier to inspect.

Oral cancer screenings are precautionary. Your dentist won’t diagnose cancer, but if they see anything concerning, they will refer you for additional testing. The goal is to keep you safe and catch problems as early as possible.

If you have risk factors for oral cancer, or you have concerns or questions, we’re here to help. Ask your dentist at Comfort Dental Spa about oral cancer screenings. It can help put your mind at ease!

Oral Cancer Screenings Farmington Hills Mi

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