Sports Mouthguards From Your Dentist Keep Your Smile Intact

Playing sports is an important part of development for children and adults alike. We love to be part of a team, learn to win and lose with grace, and enjoy a favorite activity while staying fit.

However, sometimes it can be a bit dangerous. In most sports, a ball or puck is moving at high speed and it’s easy to get hit in the mouth. This can cause dental problems, lost teeth, and other significant injuries.

Fortunately, sports mouthguards can make a big difference. These custom-fitted rubber mouthpieces allow you to play sports comfortably and safely. At Comfort Dental Spa, we take a mold of your teeth and create a mouthpiece that fits you perfectly. Even if you have braces or a fixed bridge, you can have a mouthguard that fits perfectly.

What are some benefits of a mouthguard? The biggest is that it protects your teeth from impact. You don’t have as much to worry about when it comes to chipped, broken, or lost teeth. Also, a mouthguard keeps your teeth from cutting the inside of your mouth or your lips if you get hit in the face.

Having a mouthguard also reduces your risk of concussions. Without a mouthpiece in place, being hit can cause your jaws to jar together with great force, resulting in a concussion. A mouthguard also protects your upper and lower teeth from hitting each other if there’s a collision or forceful impact.

Finally, a properly fitted mouthguard can help prevent broken jaws and even neck injuries. It’s no wonder that an athlete wearing a mouthguard feels more confident and plays more powerfully than someone without one.

If you’re interested in a custom-fitted mouthguard for yourself or your child, let us help. With our technology and expertise, we’ll create the perfect mouthpiece to protect you while playing sports. Contact us today!

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