Oral Health Q&A: Can Problems Age Me?

Have you been wondering if problems with your oral health can age your face? Perhaps you’ve been wondering if they can essentially age your mouth, as well. The answer, in short, is “yes.” As for those particular details you’re wondering about, we encourage you to try out our Q&A session. We can help get to the heart of the matter, so you recognize how important it is to protect your smile. For even more information, come on in at Comfort Dental Spa in Farmington Hills for a dental checkup.

Questions and Answers

Question: I have heard that if I don’t take care of my teeth and gums, I will probably end up looking older than my true age. Is this really the case?

Answer: It really is true. A young smile is one with healthy pink gums that frame white teeth. If you don’t protect your oral health, you will likely end up with discolored teeth framed by unhealthy, red, diseased gums that have receded! Come in for regular care.

Question: Is there something I can do to make my smile look younger if it’s just some aesthetic issues that are interfering with the way my grin looks?

Answer: Of course. If you take care of your smile but find that you still end up with some esthetic problems, you may visit us for cosmetic dental care.

Question: What if something is wrong with my oral health? Is this going to become something that is obvious and that will age my smile, too?

Answer: It might. If you have a cavity in a back tooth, you may be able to hide the issue for a little while. Remember, though, that decay and infection can spread. Tooth loss can yield bone loss. Each of these problems can contribute to a smile that looks anything but youthful. Come in to receive cosmetically sound restorative treatments when necessary to protect your oral health and the way you look.