The Many Benefits Of CBCT Scanners For Dental Patients

If you’re a dental patient in the Farmington Hills area, then you may have heard about CBCT scanners. CBCT scanners are a type of 3D scanner that produce high-quality images of teeth and gums. They are often used for diagnosis and treatment planning in dentistry.

How does a CBCT scanner work?

CBCT scanner technology is based on x-ray computed tomography (CT) and uses a cone-shaped x-ray beam. CT has been used extensively in medicine since the 1970s. CBCT was developed in the 1990s, and its use has increased rapidly in dentistry over the last decade.

A CBCT scanner takes a series of x-ray images at different angles around the head. These images are then computer-processed to create a three-dimensional image. CBCT scanners combine CT with digital radiography, providing high-resolution images that can be manipulated to show various structures in the body.

Here are some of the benefits that CBCT scanners offer dental patients:

  • Increased accuracy - CBCT scanners provide much more accurate images than traditional 2D scans. This means that dentists can get a more accurate diagnosis and plan treatments with greater precision.
  • Reduced radiation exposure - CBCT scanners use significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays. This is especially important for pediatric patients, who are more sensitive to radiation exposure.

CBCT scanners are a valuable tool for dental patients. If you’re looking for a dentist in the Farmington Hills area who offers CBCT scans, we would be happy to help. Contact Our Office today to schedule an appointment.

A Female Dentist Looking At Teeth X-ray On Computer

Our CBCT scanner enhances your experience

  • Accurate images make for precise diagnoses
  • See exactly what’s happening with your smile
  • Fast and painless process for patients
  • Avoid problems down the road with early diagnosis
  • Feel confident in treatment recommendations.
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