Digital X-Rays Help Your Farmington Hills Dentist See Clearly

When you go to your Farmington Hills dentist, you deserve the best care available. That’s why we start with digital X-rays to understand the condition of your teeth and jaw fully.

Digital X-rays provide a higher image quality than traditional X-ray film, and it’s much friendlier for the environment. Getting a scan is quick and easy. With this information, we can recommend a treatment plan that addresses all of your needs and prevents problems from getting worse.

As a patient, you get less radiation with digital X-rays, which helps protect your health. In fact, digital images use 85-90% less radiation than traditional film pictures. Digital images are also more accurate. The photos can be enlarged, sharpened, or even colorized using specialty software. This gives your dentist more information to diagnose your dental condition and determine your care plan accurately.

When we use digital X-rays, it’s also easier to store the data and track your progress over time. We can overlay previous images with current ones to see how things are going as your treatment moves forward. This also allows us to track the progress of change in your jaw and teeth when it comes to tooth loss, restoration work, bone loss, and even root canals. You can see exactly how effective your treatment is, which gives you confidence in the process.

It’s also important to protect the environment. With digital X-rays, we can have a positive impact on our planet.

To learn more about digital X-rays from your Farmington Hills dentist, give Comfort Dental Spa a call. We can use our digital process to quickly scan your mouth and jaw, saving you time and keeping you comfortable. From there, we will recommend a care plan in line with your needs.

Call us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you smile with confidence!

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