2 Essential Facts: Periodontal Disease

Patients often turn a blind eye to the severe effects of periodontal disease – and to the fact that it is something they easily avoid. Unfortunately, a lack of information on this topic can result in a lifelong battle with gum inflammation. Fortunately by considering two essential facts about gum disease that every patient should know, you will quickly come to realize the significance of keeping your gums healthy and what you need to do to make gum health a reality.

Fact #1: Beyond Gingivitis, The Disease Is Incurable

First, it’s extremely important that you realize you cannot postpone treatment for gingivitis, which is the first stage of periodontal disease. Here’s what happens: The buildup of plaque and tartar that accumulates beneath your gumline will begin to irritate your gum tissue. Your gums will become inflamed. Infection may follow. If we catch gingivitis and treat it immediately, we can prevent the problem from progressing into full periodontal disease. However, once it reaches its full disease stage, we can only assist you in managing the problem – but we will no longer be able to reverse it.

Fact #2: You Can Easily Avoid It Altogether

You can easily avoid periodontal disease through preventive care. First, you can avoid the development of gingivitis by brushing your teeth (and gum line) twice a day, every single day, for two minutes each session. You will also need to floss your entire smile once every day. In addition, twice yearly trips to see us for cleanings and checkups will keep your gums healthy. Your checkup will also give us the chance to detect gingivitis (if it should occur) before it becomes irreversible.