Fast Facts About Periodontal Disease

When you learn about periodontal disease, you find out that it’s something that can become chronic. You also discover that it’s something you can treat and clear if you catch it early enough. As a result, you may find yourself wondering the best way to prevent the issue, how to detect it if it should develop, and what it will require to maintain your smile if full periodontal problems occur. We have gathered up some essential details that will help you more clearly understand prevention and proper care.

Prevention Is Easy

Prevention means keeping plaque off of your teeth every day. Why daily? Well, because plaque can harden within just one day (yep, 24 hours) into tartar, a substance that you can’t brush or floss off of your smile. Between the time this occurs and your next visit, your gums will be exposed to bacteria 24/7, which can quickly lead to inflammation associated with periodontal disease. The short suggestion? Brush twice a day, floss once a day, and never skip either – this will prevent tartar buildup.

Maintenance May Be Necessary

If you notice a symptom and contact us immediately – or if you come in for six-month checkups – the chance of detecting the issue before it becomes periodontal disease and while we can still clear it is quite good. However, if the disease advances, we can maintain your oral health once we resolve the inflammation and infection. We will suggest you come in four times annually for cleanings and checkups, so we can keep your gum health in excellent condition.