Wisdom Teeth: FAQs

How much do you know about whether you need wisdom teeth removal? Are you even quite certain what a wisdom tooth is or whether or not you need these teeth? The good news is that we are ready to answer all of your questions – all you have to do is schedule a visit to see us. We will thoroughly examine your oral cavity with the help of advanced imaging, so we can see exactly what’s happening with your smile. As for the particulars regarding this final set of molars, we have gathered answers to questions frequently brought up by our patients.

Frequently Asked Questions: Wisdom Teeth

Question: What is a wisdom tooth?

Answer: Also referred to as a third molar, this is one of the four final molars that develop in your smile – they show up in the back of your smile. They are called “wisdom” teeth because they typically appear anywhere from your late teens through the beginning of your twenties when you are considered much wiser than when your 12-year molars erupted.

Question: Why do you suggest wisdom teeth removal?

Answer: We don’t suggest this for every patient. We only suggest it if the wisdom teeth pose a threat to your oral health. For instance, if your tooth fails to erupt it is called an “impacted tooth” that can lead to problems like pain and infection. If the tooth grows sideways, it may damage nearby teeth and alignment. Removing them protects your smile and oral health.

Question: Are there people who simply never need wisdom teeth removal?

Answer: Yes. If your teeth fail to develop, you will not need an extraction. If your teeth develop in a healthy manner and you are able to keep them clean with your dental hygiene, then you will not need them removed.