Why You Can’t Have a Celebrity Look-A-Like Smile

Out of the following celebrities, can you guess whose smile is one of the most requested by smile-makeover patients?

  1. Kirsten Dunst
  2. Steve Buscemi
  3. Tom Cruise
  4. Angelina Jolie
  5. Lindsay Lohan

The Answer, and Why You Can’t Have Her Smile

If you guessed Angelina Jolie, then you’re right! Brad Pitt’s better half has one of the most coveted smiles by cosmetic-dentistry patients.

While Jolie’s smile is very beautiful, Detroit cosmetic dentist Dr. Aziza Askari wants to tell you why she won’t give you a copy of this famous set of pearly whites when she completes your smile makeover.

You’re not Angelina Jolie. You don’t have her facial and tooth structure, her coloring, or her overall appearance. Therefore, an exact replica of her smile wouldn’t look natural on you, and that defeats the purpose of skillful and attractive cosmetic dentistry. You don’t want your new smile to look bulky, bleach-bright, or disproportionate to your facial features. You want it to look natural and make people believe you’ve had that smile for your entire life. Having a celebrity look-a-like smile won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

The Art of Smile Design

To achieve this ideal, natural appearance, Dr. Askari takes several factors into account, including your facial structure, your existing teeth and previous dental work, your coloring, your lifestyle needs, how much maintenance and time you want to invest in the upkeep of your smile, and your overall appearance. Taking these considerations and combining them with highly technical, top-of-the-line dental techniques and materials, years of training and experience, and an expert eye, Dr. Askari can create the smile of your dreams that is 100 percent unique for you.