Sleep Apnea Treatment: Do You Need It?

Sleep apnea can cause some confusion because it occurs at night, while you’re sleeping, so you might not even notice it’s happening. Fortunately, you have some simple options for discovering the issue. First, a significant other may tell you that they hear you making gasping or choking noises at night – this is a red flag that you need to visit us for help. Or, you may notice common symptoms throughout the day. Learn more and visit us to discuss sleep apnea treatment right away if you think you might need it.

Are You Experiencing Symptoms?

Aside from being informed by a witness that you are tossing and turning at night, waking up multiple times by struggling to breathe, or that you are snoring excessively, you can rely on other common symptoms. If you experience the following throughout the day, speak with us about sleep apnea treatment:

  • You feel fatigued and it doesn’t go away
  • You are becoming moody
  • You feel depressed
  • You wake up with a sore throat or your mouth feels particularly dry
  • You suffer from daily headaches, especially in the morning

What You Should Do

If the symptoms sound familiar to you, contact us. We will schedule a consultation with you, so we can discuss your experiences and provide an examination. If we determine that you need sleep apnea treatment, we will suggest what we call oral appliance therapy. You will wear an oral device that gently places your lower jaw forward, while inhibiting your tongue and soft tissues from sliding backwards as you sleep. As a result, air passages remain open.