Signs Sedation Dentistry Is for You

Have you been hearing a lot of buzz from friends or family lately about the benefits of sedation dentistry? Are you thinking it may be a good idea for you? If so, you may wonder if your unique feelings about dental care or your personal needs will allow you to qualify for a sedative during your visit. The good news is that most patients make good candidates for treatment – reasons do not need to be particularly obscure or compelling! For now, we invite you to look over a few solid signs that sedation might be a good fit for your needs.  

Sign #1: You Almost Always Cancel Appointments 

We’re not talking about occasionally canceling an appointment because you suddenly become sick or realize you overbooked your day. We are referring to the fact that you usually cancel your dental appointment that – though you would like to show up for care – you feel too nervous or anxious to follow through on. This is a common and wonderful reason to receive sedation dentistry.  

Sign #2: You Spend the Week and Night Before Stressing 

Some patients who experience mild nervousness regarding dental care may wake up feeling a little unhappy that they must come in for a visit. However, someone suffering from severe dental anxiety will stress from the moment they schedule the appointment until the visit is over. This can result in staying up the entire night before while feeling panicked. Fortunately, sedation dentistry will help alleviate your anxiety, so you can feel relaxed about your visit.  

Sign #3: You’re Not Nervous – But Your Body Doesn’t Cooperate 

Perhaps you don’t feel particularly anxious but your body isn’t very cooperative. For instance, perhaps you have a very sensitive gag reflex that makes dental care uncomfortable. Sedation can help with that, too!