Preventing Cavities in Farmington Hills

Did you know that tooth decay is considered an infectious disease? Only 1% of people in the United States will not be affected by cavities. In fact, the Center for Disease Control is concerned about a rising trend in childhood tooth decay. When tooth enamel is damaged, an aggressive strain of bacteria called Streptococci Mutans eat through the sensitive structures of teeth. This strain of bacteria is normally passed from parents to young children through sharing utensils and cups or kissing. To help prevent tooth decay, Dr. Aziza Askari may apply fluoride treatments or dental sealants.

Fluoride Treatments at Comfort Dental Spa

Your tooth enamel is composed of minerals. As the strongest substance in your entire body, tooth enamel protects your teeth from cavity-causing bacteria. Drinking and eating acidic foods strips minerals from your tooth enamel. Over time, enamel weakens and may become damaged. To help prevent enamel damage or strengthen tooth enamel, Dr. Askari may utilize fluoride supplements. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in water and certain foods. Approved for use by the FDA and ADA, fluoride treatments remineralize tooth enamel. Fluoride supplements are often used for children and adults with signs of enamel loss.

Dental Sealants

Used for both children and adults, dental sealants protect teeth—especially molars from tooth decay. Children’s teeth often develop deep pits and grooves where bacteria and debris collect. To help protect molars from decay, Dr. Askari may apply a dental sealant. This preventive procedure involves applying liquid plastic to the biting surfaces of molars. The liquid plastic is then hardened by a special light. Dental sealants fill in the deep fissures of teeth. This procedure is quick and non-invasive.