Meet the Team: Diane McLaughlin

From time to time, the Comfort Dental Spa team likes to put team profiles on our blog so that you can become familiar with who’s responsible for the beautiful smiles our patients have. This week, we’re featuring Diane McLaughlin!

Diane is a 2004 graduate of Oakland University with a BA in Psychology and a 2007 graduate of Oakland Community College’s Health and Enrichment Studies Program in Therapeutic Massage. She’s been in the workforce for over five years and does Reiki Energy Work, as taught by Deva Sukumari of “Power of Exuberance” out of Oakland, California. She has three years of education experience in energy healing and transfer and believes that energy work is a way to promote the well being of any person by adding a sense of relaxation and relief of any stress or pain in any given situation.

At Comfort Dental Spa, Diane specializes in helping patients with pain caused by unconscious clenching (holding onto a specific area of the body) by helping the patient feel where they are clenching and helping to release the tension comfortably and effectively. She has extensive experience with fibromyalgia patients and other health conditions, and she offers an overall health point of view to the practice.

Diane is continuing her education in the field of Chinese Medicine, specifically Jin Shin Do, a form of body/mind acupressure. Diane dedicates herself to meeting every need of her patients, and she think that her patients recognize and appreciate her efforts. She’s often asked, “How did you know that’s where I hurt?” which tells her that she’s done her job. Diane loves that her patients always teach her something new. She’s amazed at how the body works, how it moves when in pain, and how it can heal itself when it’s ready. Overall, she loves when her patients come back with success stories.

Diane is a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Practitioners and volunteers for the Beaumont Hospitals Program for new mothers and for a non-profit group called BirthNetwork. She spends her free time with her four children, Matthew, Leo, Molly, and Marcus, as well as knitting, watching movies, cooking, jogging, and doing yoga.