Farmington Hill’s Dentist Referees Battle Between Soy and Cow’s Milk

Many people have turned to soy milk over the recent years thinking that it sounds better for their health than cow’s milk. Or perhaps you are one who has lactose intolerance and you require a milk alternative. Unfortunately, one Australian study done by Melbourne Dental School found that soy milk may actually promote tooth decay. Fortunately, one glass of soy milk a day (or the equivalent in cereal) is unlikely to do much damage. However, the dental health of babies and small children can be a bit more susceptible to issues. To learn more, read today’s blog from your Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari.

Too Much Acid

According to the scientists that performed this research, soy milk affects the bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities. Soy milk promoted these germs to secrete 5-6 times more acid than they normally do. Tooth decay forms when these oral bacteria consume the sugar in food debris inside your mouth. Their by-product is lactic acid which erodes tooth enamel and makes you vulnerable to cavities. When soy milk and bacteria mingle, an exceptionally high acidic reaction is created. Regular cow’s milk then put the same test, stayed neutral.

Moo-ve Over Soy Milk

The scientific methods utilized in this study make some skeptical of the results. Most notably, the human mouth is difficult to replicate in a petri dish. For the time being, if you and your child can safely consume cow’s milk, they will receive the strengthening benefits of extra calcium along with no added risk for tooth decay. Cow’s milk is non-acidic and will not promote acidic secretion by any of the bacteria in your mouth. Some scientists believe that cow’s milk can even reverse some of the damage to your dental health caused by acid.