Dental Bonding: Bunches of Benefits

Do you know much about the many benefits that come with dental bonding? First, let’s review what bonding does for your smile: When we bond your tooth, we use something called composite (a synthetic acrylic material). Once we customize the color of the composite, we apply it to the target area, shape it, dry it, polish it, and you’re done. As for how this can be to your advantage esthetically, we encourage you to become a bit more familiar with possible benefits at Comfort Dental Spa.

Lengthen Your Teeth

Do you have one short tooth? Are all of your teeth short? No problem. Unless you are leaning toward porcelain veneers, you may elect to make your tooth look longer than its natural length with the use of dental bonding. We will build up the composite, so your tooth matches those around it (or we will lengthen multiple teeth in your smile).

Fill Spaces

Spaces within your smile can cause you some serious frustration. You may become annoyed by the fact that food commonly becomes lodged between teeth throughout the day. You may also find that you just don’t like the way your smile looks. Fortunately, we can use dental bonding to make it look as though these spaces are filled and the teeth next to each other are coming into contact with one another.

Fix Chips And Problems

Sometimes there are irregular issues with your teeth that you aren’t sure how to address. In certain instances, dental bonding may help. Maybe the shape or texture of your tooth is strange or doesn’t match its mirroring tooth. Perhaps you chipped a tooth. When you would like to magically add some tooth tissue, this is when bonding comes to the rescue.