A Quiz: Six Month Smile

Are you interested in improving the beauty of your smile by straightening your teeth? Is this something that you’ve been avoiding because your concerns are quite mild, so it seems like wearing a mouth full of metal braces is just not worth it? Or, maybe you have heard about the typical treatment time and again, you feel it’s not in line with your needs. Good news: We offer Six Month Smile for patients looking for accelerated cosmetic improvement. Have you been learning about this treatment? Find out how much you know (or learn all about it) with an equally quick yet informative quiz.

Six Month Smile Quiz: True or False?

True or False: In order to shift your teeth within such brief amount of time, we use extremely strong metal brackets and wires, as well as high force technology.

True or False: A key factor in the ability of Six Month Smile to improve the beauty of your smile in only six months is the fact that it targets the visible portion of your smile, rather than addressing comprehensive misalignment issues.

True or False: Six Month Smile is quite costly when compared with other treatments but the accelerated treatment time is well worth the investment.

Quiz Answers

False. Fortunately, Six Month Smiles is as beautiful as it is gentle. Your braces will include the use of clear brackets and wires that blend with the shade of your teeth. In addition, the technology associated with this treatment relies on low force movement to protect the health of your oral structures.

True. This treatment is best suited to individuals with minor misalignment like mild spacing issues or gentle overlapping – it addresses the teeth that onlookers can see when you smile. More significant misalignment will require alternative solutions.

False. Actually, the treatment usually requires a smaller investment than other systems, so you save both time and money.