5 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Before and After Results of Teeth Whitening

Teeth discoloration may occur at any age, but it becomes more common as we age, and can even be caused by lifestyle choices. This discoloration could make your teeth have a pale, yellowish appearance or develop stains over time.

Teeth discoloration can be both intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic discoloration results from some kind of childhood illness, medication or aging. On the other hand, extrinsic discoloration could result from excessive smoking, or consuming too much alcohol, or other external trauma.

While home remedies are sometimes effective in clearing your teeth, they have no permanent results and are ineffective in treating intense discoloration.

Here is why you should opt for professional teeth whitening instead.

1.   Permanent Results

Professional teeth whitening can give you a permanent solution against teeth discoloration. You wouldn't have to worry about teeth discoloration for months after treatment, sometimes years.

Experts will ensure your holistic oral health by removing plaque from your teeth and applying a teeth-whitening solution containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. This is followed by a laser treatment that can get you your pearly whites back in 30 minutes.

2.   Personalization

Although teeth are white in general, the exact shade of whiteness differs widely within various demographics. With personalized teeth whitening solutions, you can get the precise shade of brightness closest to your natural teeth.

Using commercial teeth whitening creams will not have the same result and will leave you with a dull and pasty shade.

3.   Even Whitening

The foremost reason for opting for professional teeth whitening is that you can get evenly shaded teeth. Teeth-whitening creams from drugstores contain bleach that often does not work evenly on various kinds of discoloration. Your teeth may end up looking patchy and stained—the opposite of what you actually want.

A dental professional will design the ideal solution to match the shade of your teeth and will be tailored to address the issue causing teeth discoloration, leaving you with evenly whitened teeth.

4.   Affordable

With professional teeth whitening, you can take care of your discoloration problem once and for all. You do not have to keep spending on ineffective treatments by buying commercial products that might be cheaper when you buy them but can prove to be expensive in the long run since you have to keep repeating them.

A dental professional will remove the most stubborn stains once and for all, and you won’t have to worry about teeth whitening for a very long time, saving you quite a bit of money.

5.   After-Care

With professional teeth whitening, you can get the perfect after-care solution from your dental expert. Immediately after the treatment, your teeth will be rinsed, and you will be given a fluoride treatment to prevent tooth sensitivity.

The experts will tell you how to maintain a proper lifestyle and what foods and drinks to take in to ensure that your teeth stay white for longer. They will also advise you about overall dental hygiene so that you have fewer reasons to worry about your oral health and appearance.

At Comfort Dental Spa, we ensure that you can look and feel confident about who you are. Teeth discoloration and other dental problems can make you feel conscious when you are in a company, but our experts ensure that you always have a bright smile to flash.

We have a range of dental treatments, along with oral cancer screening, designed to address any oral problems you may have.

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